Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Welcome to Feldman Orthodontics. We’re so glad you’ve chosen us as your orthodontic care team, and we look forward to meeting you during your first visit. Here’s what you can expect!

Meet Our Team

First, you’ll meet our team. The Feldman Orthodontics team includes experienced orthodontist Dr. Feldman along with our registered dental assistants. Our team is focused on making you feel welcome every time that you walk through our doors. The whole Feldman Orthodontics team shares a supportive and compassionate attitude that patients love.

Complimentary Exam

Your first exam is complimentary. You’ll complete new patient paperwork so that Dr. Feldman knows your history and needs, and then you’ll have a comprehensive orthodontic exam. The exam often includes intraoral images, and possibly a panoramic X-ray image if Dr. Feldman determines that it’s necessary.

Review of Information and Records

With your exam complete, Dr. Feldman can review your records, imaging, and notes to form an overall picture of your current and future orthodontic issues. If you’ve had previous orthodontic treatment or evaluations, Dr. Feldman will also consider that information at this time. All of this information allows Dr. Feldman to design a treatment plan that can resolve your issues in the most efficient way possible.

Discussion of Your Treatment Options

Next, Dr. Feldman will discuss treatment options with you. You may have several different options to consider. For example, you might be a good candidate for both braces and clear aligners, and Dr. Feldman can outline a treatment plan for each of these options. Of course, you probably have some questions about the treatment, and this is the perfect time to get answers. Dr. Feldman and the whole Feldman Orthodontics team want you to have a full understanding of your choices, and we’re happy to help you decide which type of teeth straightening is right for you.

After Your Consultation: Beginning Treatment

After your consultation with Dr. Feldman, you can decide whether you want to start your teeth straightening right away or whether you’ll delay it for a while. If you’re excited to get started on your straighter smile right away, we can often arrange to start your treatment that very day. If you decide to start treatment right away, it usually takes about an hour to get started with either braces or aligners.

No matter when you’re starting treatment, our team members are glad to review your dental insurance to determine what kind of coverage you have. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, braces or clear aligners don’t have to be out of reach. We offer flexible payments that can fit into nearly any family’s budget. Our goal at Feldman Orthodontics is to make teeth straightening as accessible as possible for everyone who needs it.

If you don’t want to begin your treatment right away or if circumstances require you to delay teeth straightening for any reason, you can become part of the Observation Program at Feldman Orthodontics. You’ll visit our office periodically so Dr. Feldman can monitor how your teeth shift over time. When the time is right to begin treatment, you can transition straight into the treatment program.

Scheduling Appointments and When to See the Orthodontist

Your appointments with Dr. Feldman are scheduled based on your individual needs. On average, most patients come in for a checkup about once every four to eight weeks. The checkups are quick and easy, and these appointments allow Dr. Feldman to make any adjustments needed to optimize your straightening.

Your orthodontic appointments are a vital part of your teeth straightening, as are your regularly scheduled teeth cleanings. Most patients who have braces or aligners should have their teeth cleaned two to four times a year, but Dr. Feldman will recommend a schedule just for you.

Now that you know what to expect, get in touch with the Feldman Orthodontics team today to schedule your first visit!